U8HX.COM(www.eth108.vip)_Gamuda bags RM2bil contract for Rasau water treatment plant project



KUALA LUMPUR: Gamuda Bhd has secured an RM1.97bil contract from Pengurusan Air Selangor for the Rasau water treatment plant project, which brings the group's total construction orderbook to a fresh record high of RM14.4bil.

In a statement, the group said it received a letter of acceptance to be the main contractor of Package 1: Design and Build Of Proposed Rasau Intake, Raw Water Pumping Mains, Water Treatment Plant And Associated Works of the proposed development of the Sg. Rasau water supply scheme (Stage 1).

The project includes the design and build of an intake structure with 1,400 million litre-a-day (Mld) capacity to draw augmented raw water from the ex-mining ponds at Taman Putra Permai, Puchong, as well as a 700 Mld water treatment plant near Tanjung Dua Belas.

Other structures include a 2.4m diameter twin-pipe connecting the intake structure and the water treatment plant and two overhead bridges crossing the Elite Highway and SKVE Highway.

According to Gamuda, the Rasau water supply scheme is expected to produce up to 700 million litres of clean water supply to the Klang region by the first stage of completion in 2025.

"The development of this water supply scheme is crucial as Sungai Selangor Scheme is currently the only source of raw water supply to the Klang Region.

"With the implementation of the Rasau Scheme, the water reserve margin is expected to increase to 20.9% by the end of June 2025.

"Without the new Rasau Water Treatment Plant, the current water supply reserve margin in Klang will drop to 1.9% by 2024," it said.

The project is expected to take 35.5 months for completion with site possession on July 15, 2022, and finishing date on June 2025.


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