a55555彩票网(www.a55555.net)_疑似后台出错《爱丽丝惊魂记:疯狂再临》Steam 暂时下架



疑似后台出错《爱丽丝惊魂记:疯狂再临》Steam 暂时下架

1小时 398 Spicy Horse Games 开发,EA 发行的动作游戏《爱丽丝惊魂记:疯狂再临》(Alice: Madness Returns) 最近在 Steam 下架,怀疑是开发商后台出错。

于今年 3 月回归 Steam 的《爱丽丝惊魂记:疯狂再临》近日又再下架,游戏现在显示「按发行商要求,Alice: Madness Returns 已无法在 Steam 上购买。」,发行商 EA 方面暂时未有发表过相关声明。

跟据相关人士指出,今次下架的原因是 Spicy Horse 旗下的另一款游戏《Akaneiro: Demon Hunters》申请在 Steam 平台上下架删除时,意外把旗下所有游戏作品连带删除,包括《爱丽丝惊魂记:疯狂再临》,开发商现正联系相关部门尝试解决问题。

From what I've heard, in trying to remove Akaneiro from @Steam (it was broken), all the other Spicy Horse games also got removed. We're reaching out to Support and trying to get this resolved. Anyone at @valvesoftware can help fix this faster? https://t.co/D1h6SHn5P0

—  American McGee (@americanmcgee) June 18, 2022

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